Meet the Team

Kelee, Dr. Cormac Farrell, Carolyne, Cherie and Allanah

Carolyne EDT EDH

Carolyne is a super bubbly and passionate Dental Hygienist. Her big smile and chatty nature will put you at ease instantly. She is dedicated to helping patients free themselves from ill health and enjoy disease-free lives.

“Caz,” as she is known, trained at Cardiff University and is dual-qualified in Dental Therapy and Hygiene. She too comes from a family of dentists and is passionate about giving our patients the best and most gentle cleanings.

When not at work, Carolyne is a super mum to 2.5 children (Cormac included). She loves to travel and work on her bucket list. So far, she has already accomplished a bungee jump and skydive in New Zealand and participated in an African Safari. Touring Machu Picchu and the Galapagos is next on her list.


Kel is a real hoot. You’ll recognize her by her great big smile. She’s always liked to have a giggle with our patients. Kel is a real firecracker and will leave you feeling upbeat and energized!

At school, Kel was the self-professed party organizer. Lucky for us, her local dentist snatched her up when she was young and Kel has loved the opportunity to help people with their dental health ever since.

“Kel” is also from a family involved with dentistry. She and her dental technician husband, Peter, worked together for many years in Innisfail.

At home, Kel is the consummate host, regularly acting as a mum to all her kids and their friends.

Kel loves to travel. Her dream is to travel around Australia in an RV, seeing all the hidden spots and meeting interesting new people.


Cherie has come to join Airlie Case from New South Wales so she is a Blues supporter!

Cherie has extensive experience working in Queensland mental health where her kind persona and clear explanations helped the patents of NSW.

Luckily for us, Cherie made the move in 2017 eager for a new challenge. We spotted her talent right away and she has been our main receptionist ever since.

Her passions include gardening and fishing, and she has been forced to become proficient at home renovation and building since the heavy rains this wet season! Her main aim is to feel like she made a difference each day, and make peoples’ lives a bit better. She is always up for a challenge and is constantly growing and refining her communication skills to make people feel at ease and comfortable at our clinic.

Cherie will give you a warm welcome on the phone and a big smile when you arrive at our clinic. She looks forward to meeting you and helping you get the comfort and confidence in your smile you have always dreamed of!


Allanah joined the Airlie Smile Care family at the end of 2017. After volunteering her time on an aid ship off PNG, she found that those who were receiving treatments to relieve oral disease on the boat had the greatest health benefits afterward. She loved the role of dental assistant and she could really help people and see the change not just in their health but their general wellbeing.

Allanah enjoys reading a wide variety of books and a multitude of physical activities such as mountain climbing, mountain biking, and canoeing. Allanah is a positive influence to whomever she meets and is a leader in local youth groups were she volunteers her time.

Allanah will be smiling and polite when you arrive and quickly put you at ease and listen to your concerns. She is super efficient in her assisting of Doctor Farrell and a vital member of creating your painless and beautiful treatment.

Call today and let Mac, Caz, Kel, Cherie, and Allanah start to Care for your smile as a member of the Airlie Smile Care family.
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