Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry offers extreme precision, safety, and comfort. Dr. Farrell stays up-to-date on modern dentistry technology and is excited to offer the benefits of laser dentistry to his patients.

What is the Soft Tissue Laser?

The dental laser was first approved by the FDA in the early 1990s. The laser produces a narrow and intense beam of light energy that can destroy unwanted bacteria and contour and shape the gums.

Common Dental Laser Applications

We commonly use the painless dental laser for treatments like:

  • Gum contouring and shaping
  • Gum recession treatment
  • Gum disease treatment

How can you take advantage of our soft tissue laser? You can change the appearance or elevate the health of your smile with laser dentistry.

How Can I Benefit from Laser Dentistry?

Patients can enjoy a new approach to dentistry at Airlie Smile. The key benefits of laser dentistry include:

  • Faster healing and regeneration of the tissue, so you and your body can feel great during recovery.
  • Little to no bleeding during or after the procedure.
  • Greater precision for minimal risk of damage to your healthy tissue.
  • Reduced swelling after the procedure.
  • Possible decrease of the need for anesthesia in many procedures because they are so comfortable.
  • Your best chance for flawless results.

Achieve Great Results!

Laser dental technology will allow you to achieve accurate results with minimal risks and maximum comfort. There’s no need to fear dentistry when you have a staff who cares and uses the best tech. If you live or work at Airlie Beach, feel free to call our office to schedule your laser dentistry consultation today.