Welcome to Airlie Smile Care!

You have made a great choice! Well done.

We are a warm family who treats our friends who also happen to be our patients. Our family-friendly, family-run office isn’t a part of some big faceless corporation. You see the same people day in day out, who know you and your teeth and can give you the best care.

We love what we do and you are going to love it too! So, if you are searching for a dentist in Whitsunday, look no further.

Airlie Smile Care—going the extra SMILE.

—What Our Patients Say…

Thank you Cormac for all the good work you have done on my teeth. It helps keep a smile on my dial.


I was made to feel comfortable in what was not simple procedures and i can not recommend this dental practice highly enough. I will definitely be going back for any future dental needs.


We are Medibank Private preferred providers and BUPA members first providers.


If you are missing teeth, we can restore your beautiful smile! Thanks to our advanced implant dentistry options, achieving a natural look is easy. You can regain a full, functional smile with a dental implant at Airlie Smile Care. Learn More


Cracks and decay are threats to your oral health. You can protect your teeth with custom dental crowns. We design traditional crowns and same-day crowns that not only strengthen the tooth, but also offer aesthetic benefits by improving the look of your smile! Learn More


Periodontal disease is one of the most common afflictions we see in our office. It begins with bad breath and swollen gums, but evolves into a debilitating disease that can destroy your smile. We utilize cutting-edge technology to treat you effectively and safeguard you against gum disease. Learn More

Root Canals

We keep our patients in-house at Airlie Smile Care as often as possible. If you need a root canal, you’ll receive a full-service experience right here! You can trust our team to provide you with a carefree experience. Our experts will remove the damaged nerve so you can maintain your strong natural teeth. Learn More

Our business is in Health Care—and we deliver just that. Your health is our priority! We want you to have the best chance at long healthy lives and emphasize the systemic nature of dental health. We ensure we are delivering the very best of information by constantly training and staying ahead of health teaching.

We care for you as an individual and generate suggestions appropriate to your individual body, needs, and lifestyle situations. We treat each need individually, and we care for you like family. It’s simple—we only deliver as would we would for our own family. We will give you all your options and you will never be forced to do anything you don’t want to.

Finally we want you to smile. We want our patients to feel good and look great, and we love what we do!

— What makes Airlie Smile Care different? — Check out what people say about us.


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