Dental Technology

Airlie Smiles is a modern dental office. Our goal is to stay ahead of other dental offices with the latest technology, so that we can give our patients what they deserve–the safest, most comfortable, and most accurate procedures.

If you’re seeking quality dental care in a convenient environment, stop by Airlie Smiles. Dr. Farrell looks forward to introducing you to our innovative technologies!

Digital Records and iPads | We have created a paperless office here at Airlie Smiles to streamline the patient experience. We use dental software so we never lose patient records or scheduled appointments, and patients can fill out office forms on our office iPads.

Digital X-Rays | X-rays are a critical part of your dental care, but they don’t have to be tedious or dangerous. Dr. Farrell provides digital x-rays, which minimize radiation emission during your screening. Instead of relying on a darkroom to develop your film, high-resolution images of your teeth and gums are transferred instantly to a convenient chairside monitor.

Soft Tissue Laser | Soft tissues of the mouth are important to the function and appearance of your smile. The soft tissue laser can remove unusual lumps or bumps, treat gum disease, and improve gummy smiles. Best of all, our amazing laser results in a more comfortable procedure for the patient.

Oral Cancer Screening | A simple oral cancer screening could save your life. With advanced screening technology, we can detect any abnormalities in a matter of minutes.

Attentive Exams

We are a tightly knit three unit team that is dedicated to your experience. We provide attentive exams where you will have the time you need to ask questions and express your concerns. We never double book our patients, and we focus on giving you the smile you want!

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