Popular Drinks that Ruin your Teeth

Popular Drinks that Ruin your Teeth

Drinking is an important necessity that accompanies any meal.  In this article by Airlie Smile Care, you will find consequences of the drinks that you have been drinking and the harm it has and can cause your teeth.

There are certain types of drinks that you should avoid and shouldn’t indulge in often. Always remember, moderation is the key, along with practicing good oral care habits that include brushing atleast twice a day and flossing every day. You should rinse your mouth with a mouthwash when you have any teeth affecting food or beverage.

The food you eat and the beverages you drink might appear to be natural to you, but they might have a dramatic impact on your health, which can start the very first moment they enter your system.

The harmful effects of beverages on your teeth depends on various things, but most significantly on the overall acidity. On the pH scale, anything that measures less than 5.5 is considered as acidic. Foods and drinks that are acidic soften tooth enamel that makes your teeth vulnerable to damage, such as plague and cavities. Sodas and other drinks that are both high in sugar and acid have the potential of damaging your teeth beyond repair.

Your teeth may be strong, but they aren’t indestructible. The popular drinks are highly acidic, and the acidity can considerably damage your enamel. Once damaged, you will need to visit a dentist and depend on their help so that your teeth can be taken care of. The Airlie Smile Care team is there for you at all such times of need!

These are the products that may stain your teeth and cause certain dental problems.

  • Wine

When it comes to wine, white wine is more acidic than red wine. Acid is prone to ruin your enamel and can leave your teeth exposed to staining and discoloration.

Red wine is better for your dental health as it causes less staining of teeth than white wine. However, none of the varieties are necessarily good for your teeth and should be avoided if you are keen on maintaining your dental hygiene.

  • Beer

Though there isn’t a lot of data on the effects that beer has on teeth, certain evidence suggests that it could be beneficial.

Beer is said to contain a certain component called “hops” which may have some positive impact on dental health and cavity protection. There is no real evidence to prove it yet but there are suggestions of its occurrence.

  • Vodka

The pH level of vodka ranges from 4-8. Expensive brands of vodka have higher pH levels than the less expensive brands of vodka. Looking at the statistics, it can be safely concluded that many vodkas are surely in the range of causing potential damage.

Alcohol has a drying effect. Saliva helps in the maintenance of oral hygiene. It helps prevent various gum diseases and solves other oral problems. Therefore, it is extremely harmful if the production of saliva is altered.

Other alcoholic beverages may vary widely in terms of pH, but the drying effects are the same. This is further escalated as people consume alcohol slowly (usually sip slowly) which is more harmful as it increases the duration of damage.

  • Sparkling Water

The pH level of sparkling water ranges from 2.74 to 3.34. It may not seem to be harmful at the first instant as it is water, but, it is a silent killer. The erosive potential of sparkling water is more than that of orange juice.

Drinks that have a low pH level cause a variety of oral problems. Enamel erosion can occur and may destroy the hard-outer layer of your teeth. The enamel doesn’t have any living cells, so it is irreplaceable and cannot be repaired.

Therefore, choose what you drink wisely and take good care of your teeth.

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