Five Signs that Prove your Oral Health is Worsening

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Five Signs that Prove your Oral Health is Worsening

The symptoms of 9 out of 10 diseases occur in the mouth. Regular dentist appointments enable your dentist to identify many serious health conditions that might be developing in your body and help you tend to it from the roots. This is one of the major reasons that requires you to visit your dentist atleast twice a year for dental checkups and cleanings. If you are looking for a dentist you can trust, we, at Airlie Smile Care, will tend to all your dental needs and try to make you as comfortable as possible.
You need to start caring for your gums and teeth at the basic level. Always be aware of the condition of your mouth. The symptoms of degrading oral health are as follows:

• Bleeding gums
• Loss of teeth or loose teeth
• Recurring bad breath
• Jaw, gum or toothache
• Lumps inside the mouth
• Irregular patches and sores

If you are suffering from any of the symptoms stated above, you should go see your dentist at once. Fix an appointment at Airlie Smile Care and get yourself the finest toothcare now!

The major signs of tooth decay and degrading oral health are listed below:

 Excessive mouth dryness – You should stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water every day. A variety of medication can cause the occurrence of a dry mouth. The adequate amount of saliva production is necessary to prevent tooth decay and oral problems.

 Discolored and/or Darkening of teeth- As you grow old, dentin, a bone-like tissue beneath the tooth enamel, that keeps changing based on the food habits and kinds of drinks we consume. A thinning outer layer allows yellow dentin to show through, that is liable to create the appearance of discolored teeth.

 Uneven jawline – If you are subjected to tooth loss, you need to replace it with a dentures or/and implants but if you don’t do so the rest of the teeth in your mouth can shift into different spaces, that can result in an uneven jawbone or teeth biting issues to break down the food.

 Root decay – After years of consuming acid-based food, the tooth roots become exposed to a lot. This gives rise to various oral problems. Acid-based products should be avoided as much as possible. They cause major dental problems.

 Stomatitis induced by dentures – This is an inflammation of the underlying tissue beneath the false tooth and it is caused by unhealthy hygiene and uneven dentures.

 Mouth and jaw ache – Jaw and mouth pain are signs of cold sores and stress. Stress can contribute to many mental and physical disorders. Your dentist can help you rectify the root cause of jaw discomfort, which is usually caused by rather simple conditions like toothache, gum disease, et cetera.

• Results in – Discomfort and sores in the jaw that may lead to a cardiac arrest.

 Gum Bleeding – Gums sore, ache and bleed, which results in gum diseases getting worse. Gum disease can be severe in people with other conditions such as high blood sugar that can reduce the resistance of the body against infection. This aggravates the risk to your gums and the bacteria that sustain the plaque causes inflammation of the gums. The signs to identify high blood sugar from the deterioration in oral health include:

• Oral fungal infection
• Fruity smelling breath
• Dryness in mouth

 Tooth loss – Teeth that are not strong and fall off or are at the verge of falling off are indicators of severe gum disease. Loss of teeth is one of the basic signs of osteoporosis, which can cause decrease in bone density, resulting in weak bones that are susceptible to easy breakage and pain.

Routine dental checkups can help you maintain your smile for the years to come. Visit your dentist soon. If you’re aware of any of these problems happening to you, always remember to keep your scheduled appointments up to date with your dentist.

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