Five Secrets to A Hollywood Smile

Five Secrets to A Hollywood Smile

Marilyn Monroe, a Hollywood beauty is recognized for her wide cheeky smile. Though she has passed away for quite some time now, everyone still strives to emulate her. But, gone are the days when it was tough to afford a smile like Hollywood stars. Our Airlie Smile Care team provides a range of dental treatments at much lower costs.

A beautiful smile has all the power to boost your self-confidence and elevate your overall appearance. To attain the same, most of you must have tried different whitening toothpastes but failed to rank high on the teeth whiteness scale. Here are a few secrets that you can follow to keep your teeth sparkling for years to come.

  • Watch What You are Sipping

Sipping hot and dark-coloured brews can stain your teeth and damage its enamels. Cut down on the amount of tea, coffee and coke from your diet. Use straw to sip these beverages to prevent tooth darkening. Every time you drink coloured or caffeine containing drink, rinse your mouth with normal water.

  • Smoking is also Injurious for Your Oral Health

We all know that smoking can cause cancer, but you must also learn that it can also cause some serious dental and oral problems. Nicotine present in tobacco stains your teeth, diminishes taste, causes bad breath and leads to gum disorders. So, to get a healthy smile, you must quit smoking.

  • Take Trips to Dentist

Trips to dentist for regular dental exams and clean ups can bring you a pearly white smile like Hollywood stars. Regular snacking and sweetened drinks promote plaque build-up on your teeth. Over the time these plaques harden and transform into tartar. To get rid of these, you need to visit a dentist twice a year. Dental clean-ups not only remove plaques from your gum line but also stains from your teeth.

  • Brushing is Important

Brushing your teeth twice daily is an effective way to get a beautiful and bright smile. Make it a habit to brush after every meal. Be smart at choosing a good toothbrush to fight against dental illness. Never forget to replace your toothbrush every two to three months. The toothbrush you pick must be of an appropriate size and reach each corner of your mouth. Also make it a habit of rinsing with mouth washes to ensure brightest smile.

  • Take Professional Treatments

Talk to dentists at Airlie Smile Care to brighten and whiten your smile with modern treatments. Dental professionals, with their safe yet effective techniques, eliminate plaques from your teeth and whiten your smile.

 Tooth Whitening Treatment at Airlie Smile Care

Looking for tooth whitening treatment that suits your budget? All the dental treatments, including whitening of smile, at Airlie Smile Care suit budget of people of different lifestyles. Let’s discuss how the treatment works.

  • Scrap Plaque & Tartar– The certified dentists at Airlie remove all the accumulated tartars and stains professionally. Dental clean-ups twice a year, reduce the chances of periodontal or gum diseases. Professional dentists also perform a thorough check-up of your overall mouth and prescribe treatment accordingly. Plaques and tartars along and below the gum line, are the breeding places of bacteria. A dental hygienist scraps all the plaques and safeguards your mouth from cavities, bad breath and other problems.
  • Professional Scaling & Polishing– See your dentist for scaling and polishing. Manual scraping is effective only when the amount of calculus or tartar is less. At professional clinics, they use electronic scalers to remove larger amounts of tartar with a gentle vibration and stream of water. Polishing is another effective technique that prevents plaques to accumulate on the tooth surfaces. It makes your teeth shinier, cleaner and stain free.
  • Fitting Veneers– Veneers are effective in improving the appearance of your teeth. In case of pronounced discoloration, dentists cover the tooth with matching ceramic veneers. These covers last for a longer span and look beautiful yet realistic.

The above procedures not only make your teeth shinier but also help you to get a healthier smile.

To maintain a good oral health, keep up your regular appointments with dental professionals at Airlie Smile Care. You can also call us at 0749467600.