Clear Aligners: Better Replacement to Braces

Clear Aligners: Better Replacement to Braces

Brace is an orthodontic treatment used to correct crooked and crowded teeth. In some cases where upper and lower jaws are not aligned, brace does a great job to straighten the teeth and jaw alignment. If you are suffering from a bad bite, ask dentists to correct it with braces and create a beautiful smile.

But, let’s face the truth.

Though the traditional braces have served patients with abnormal bites for decades, they are uncomfortable, clunky and sometimes cause dental pain. The patients experience such discomforts because of the metallic frame used to shape the brace. Another major disadvantage of the traditional braces is their “geeky look”. Young people find braces embarrassing as they greatly damage their self-confidence and determination.

However, with the advancement of technology, the dental professionals came across a perfect solution to this problem. They discovered clear aligners as a corrective option over braces.

Clear aligners are customized smile straightener made of plastic. These invisible aligners create gentle pressure on your teeth and gum to align them in order.

Many of you would doubt about its effectiveness, but according to the Airlie Smile Care team, clear aligners are as effective as braces. Now, adults too can improve the appearance of their bad bites without the disgrace of a “metal mouth”.

Clear aligners are removable in nature. Thus, these easy to use kits can be removed while eating meals, brushing, flossing and other dental home care procedures. These specialized aligners not only properly align your teeth but also promote oral hygiene. Clear aligners allow patients to look better and gain confidence.

Unlike traditional braces, these invisible aligners don’t make you feel sore. Using these bands, you only need to take appointment with your dentist every 6 to 8 weeks. This helps the patients to keep a track of the alignment changes.

Hygienist Carolyne Garland advises you to be aware of plaque, tartar and oral bacteria, and their contribution to periodontal diseases and dental decays. Straight and aligned teeth are healthier in nature as they are easier to brush and floss. So, we can state that straightening the alignment of your teeth decreases the risk of oral diseases that also contributes to your overall health.

Consider teeth as the gears that help in digestion. Like gears, teeth too wear. Proper alignment of teeth decreases the rate of traumatic wear. When the teeth are in proper order, they place less stress on the jaws and thus let them stand strong and healthy. The clear braces or aligners prevent patients to visit dentists regularly for restoration.

People visit dentists for straightening treatment that retains for lifetime. The effectiveness of these aligners is no less than the traditional braces. The benefits of clear braces are many and extend beyond a beautiful smile. They look natural and hence allow the patients to go about their daily life confidently.

Here are the listed benefits of clear aligner braces:

  • Save both time and money
  • Less frequent dental visits
  • Look natural
  • Easily removable
  • Enjoy whatever food you like
  • Easier dental hygiene care at home
  • Comfortable to wear

But, remember before opting for a clear aligner, pay a visit to your dentist as not every patient has need for such kit. Dentists do proper examination of your teeth and prescribe the right treatment to you.

If you still have concerns regarding invisible aligners and other dental treatments, please don’t hang back to contact orthodontal specialists at Airlie Smile Care. You can also call and discuss your worries with Dr Cormac today at 0749467600!