5 Tips to Prep You up for Dental Visits

Five Signs that Prove your Oral Health is Worsening

Dentist visits can be frightening to many. The causes being horrific past experiences, fear of pain and fear of orthodontal instruments to state a few.

If you feel anxious before visiting a dentist, this article will guide you through a few tips that will help you in dealing with your fears and working toward maintaining a proper oral hygiene by visiting your dentist instead of avoiding it. Dr. Cormac Farrell from Airlie Smile Care will make all your fears disappear and tend to all your dental needs.

There is nothing to fear when Airlie Smile Care is here. The Airlie Smile Care team offers their visitors a homelike and comfortable environment. We try to make your experience with us as profitable and reassuring as possible.

It is normal to be nervous, especially if it’s your first dentist appointment. Talk to your dentist about the way you feel. Discuss your fears and then wait to settle down and feel comfortable.

There is nothing to worry, your trusted professionals at Airlie Smile Care are trained to help you at every step, and you shall overcome!

Here below are listed five steps to help you get ready for your next dentist visit:

Honesty comes First

People usually never admit to their poor oral hygiene, but it is really important to tell your dentist the truth. By telling your dentist the truth about your actions you enable them to provide you with adequate services. If you don’t let them know what you’re struggling with, they can’t help you improve your oral hygiene. Transparency about your dental history during your dental exam is fundamental. You should state your experiences with a variety of periodontal and health issues. It is easier for your dentist to offer you proper treatment if you are clear about your health issues with him or her. State your problems to your dentist instead of hesitating and expecting them to read your mind. As they say, honesty is the best policy.

Brushing and Flossing

If you have a dentist appointment fast approaching, it is time now to start brushing your teeth regularly, at least thrice a day. You could try changing your brushing technique if it helps your teeth be whiter and cleaner. Brushing your teeth is important but so is flossing it. Flossing is equivalent to brushing. Flossing helps you to get rid of the things stuck in your teeth that brushing simply won’t. Rinse your mouth with a mouthwash after brushing and flossing. This is to help you make up for all those times you neglected your oral hygiene.

Chewing Gum Helps

Chewing sugar-free gum can be really helpful as it helps stop plaque in its tracks by slowing down the build-up on your teeth. It is a great substitute if you cannot get yourself to brush your teeth after every meal. It helps clean your mouth and maintain your oral hygiene. Also, a fresh minty breath before a dentist appointment is essential – you wouldn’t want your mouth to stink.

Make Up Your Mind

Don’t be afraid. All your fears are genuine and make sense. But, using them as an excuse to lack in the maintenance of your oral health isn’t okay. You need to make up your mind and schedule your dentist appointment, now! You need it and therefore, you must go get it. Face your fears and maybe you’ll realize that it was never something to be afraid of. Take out time and arrange for an appointment.

Schedule and Arrive

You need to set a reminder and call and confirm your scheduled appointment in advance. Remember to mention the date and time and cross check with the receptionist. You can arrive a little before time and let yourself become accustomed with your surroundings. Once you are comfortable, all that fear will leave you too.

In case you are uncomfortable during the procedure, use hand signals. Communicate with your dentist beforehand to make that clear. Choose a stress-free time for the appointment. Avoid the rush hour.

Follow the tips mentioned above and say goodbye to your fears!

We, at Airlie Smile Care, will cater to all your dental needs and make you feel at home. Dr. Cormac Farrell and our hygienist, Carolyne Garland will make you feel safe and treat you the best.

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